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Applying for Title Loans Phoenix

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Bernath Title Loans - Title Loans in Phoenix, Arizona

Trying to get a loan from a friend, bank, credit union or an online lender can be difficult at best. Every one of these potential loan sources wants and needs some sort of assurance that you will repay the loan. Typically, friends rely on your bond of friendship to secure the deal. However, other lenders usually want a better guarantee that you’ll repay your loan commitment. In most instances, they rely on credit scores and credit histories to confirm that you pay your bills on time and will likely repay a loan. Car title lenders like Bernath Title Loans have chosen a different route for approving loans. Instead of checking credit, we ask borrowers to secure their registration loans by pledging their vehicles against the loan. Most people will go out of their way to make timely payments rather than risk their primary transportation, so it works well for all parties involved in the loan. It’s also the ideal solution for people seeking loans who have bad credit. Title loans in Phoenix offers a simple online application, fast approval and quick pay outs in a day or less. If you need a short-term loan to cover basic expenses or an emergency, we’ll be there when you need us.

Considering a Phoenix Vehicle Title Loan?

If you haven’t taken out a loan before, you may have reservations about how the process works. You shouldn’t worry because we will explain the process in simple terms, so you can feel comfortable with the loan process. If you haven’t made a decision about applying yet, you might be interested to learn why other people take out short-term car title loans.

  • To catch up on overdue bills.
  • Cash for starting a new business.
  • Money to keep an existing business going during slow periods.
  • Cash for college tuition.
  • To avoid costly late payment fees and increased interest rates from making payments late.
  • To make needed repairs around the home.
  • Cash to cover any number of emergencies.
  • To stop creditors from making harassing collection calls.
  • at Will I Need to Have My Application Considered?
  • To comply with state laws, Bernath Title Loans must ask for proof that you are at least 18 years of age to enter into a Phoenix registration loan. Bernath Title Loans can accept an Arizona identification card or your driver’s license.
  • Income from a job, retirement funds, government benefits or other acceptable forms of income.
  • A working vehicle with a vehicle title free of liens. Vehicles can be old or new, so long as they run and are in good condition.
  • at Information Is Required to Fill Out an Application?
  • Your full name, telephone number and zip code.
  • A mileage estimate and the year of your vehicle, make, model and body style for collateral purposes.
  • You are free to apply at a loan center store, over the phone or from any place with an internet connection using our short online application


Helpful Tips About Phoenix, AZ Car Title and Registration Loans


Unlike some lenders, which charge for every little thing, we like to offer a few freebies whenever possible. Our customers are particularly pleased with free applications, free loan estimates and free loan consultations. Upfront Phoenix registration loan estimates are a huge hit with borrowers because they know how much money they can qualify for from the beginning of the loan process.

Loan Amounts

For most of our customers, their main concerns are how quickly they can get their cash and the loan amount. Loan amounts can vary considerably because they are based on your income available for repaying the loan and the value of your automobile offered as collateral. Of course, incomes vary from one applicant to another along with car values.

On average, borrowers may receive about 50 to 75 percent of the value of their cars. Newer vehicles with fewer miles in good condition usually rate the highest loan amounts. Those vehicles, which are older with more miles rate smaller loan amounts.

Loan Restrictions

For the most part, Bernath Title Loans doesn’t have any restrictions when it comes to title loans in Phoenix, AZ. You may continue to drive your vehicle as you always have. We also aren’t concerned about how you spend your loan funds.

Qualifying for Phoenix, AZ Registration Title Loans

You will receive a call from a loan specialist who will explain the loan process and get you qualified for a loan. During your free loan consultation, you may ask questions and discuss loan terms in depth to make sure you get the best loan for your financial needs.

Loan consultations don’t take much time. You should plan to spend a few minutes discussing your income and how you plan to repay your loan. After approval, you’ll be asked to select a loan repayment plan. We suggest that you go over your finances carefully to find a plan with payments that you can truly afford.

Completing Legal Requirements

Legal agreements are completed at a convenient loan center store of your choosing. Be sure to bring your paper car title, which must be turned in during the closing of the loan.

As a respected lender in the Phoenix title loan business, we carefully adhere to the Phoenix car title loan regulations for the state of Arizona when writing contracts. Each borrower is presented with a contract, which summarizes the loan terms you are agreeing to and the cost of your loan. It also contains your repayment schedule for making payments.

Since you are using your car or truck as collateral against the loan, be sure to read through your agreement carefully and ask questions when necessary.

Collecting Loan Funds

After submitting your car title and signing your contract, you are free to pick up your loan funds.

If free applications, competitive interest rates, professional services and fast payouts sound good to you, consider registration loans and title loans in or near Phoenix, AZ today.